Cat6 Ethernet Patch Cable | Snagless RJ45 | Stranded | 550MHz | UTP | Pure Bare Copper Wire | 28AWG | SlimRun Series
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Cat6 Ethernet Patch Cable | Snagless RJ45 | Stranded | 550MHz | UTP | Pure Bare Copper Wire | 28AWG | SlimRun Series

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SlimRun Cat6


Monoprice™ SLIMRUN™ CAT6 UTP ETHERNET PATCH CABLES are designed for high density environments where space is a premium. SlimRun's ultra-slim 0.149-inch diameter 28AWG cable and narrow boot design reduces congestion and simplifies moves, additions, and changes. SlimRun Cat6 is component tested, which provides a better level of performance over channel-rated patch cables.



SlimRun™ Cat6 28AWG UTP Ethernet Network Cable

SlimRun Cat6
SlimRun Cat6
SlimRun Cat6
SlimRun Cat6
Ulta-slim 0.149 inches diameter
Reduces congestion in high density spaces
Component-tested for optimized channel performance
Snagless narrow profile boot design

SlimRun Cat6

Different colors and length available

SlimRun Cat6


SlimRun™ Cat6 is much thinner and lighter than standard Cat6 cables. The 0.149-inch diameter, 28AWG flexible cable and snagless narrow boot design is easier to install/uninstall and takes less space than conventional 23 or 24 AWG Cat6 cables.

SlimRun Cat6


SlimRun™ Cat6 patch cables are component tested, providing superior performance in 1 to 10 Gigabit applications. SlimRun is the perfect solution for high-performance applications, such as data centers and telecommunications rooms.

SlimRun Cat6


At half the size of standard Cat6 patch cables (0.149" v 0.29"), SlimRun™ Cat6 helps reduce congestion in high-density environments, such as data centers and telecommunications rooms. With SlimRun Cat6, you can fit more cables in the same space, saving you the time and cost of expanding or replacing cable pathways.

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