SlimRun AV HDR High Speed Cable for HDMI-Enabled Devices - 4K@60Hz HDR 18Gbps Fiber Optic ARC AOC YCbCr 4:4:4 Black by Monoprice
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SlimRun AV HDR High Speed Cable for HDMI-Enabled Devices - 4K@60Hz HDR 18Gbps Fiber Optic ARC AOC YCbCr 4:4:4 Black by Monoprice

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SlimRun AV HDR Cable


SlimRun™ AV HDR is the next generation in active optical cable systems. It features completely redesigned electronics to connect two HDMI-enabled devices with the highest performance, lowest power consumption, and lowest cost over the greatest distance. Using optical fiber to replace copper wire as the high-speed signal transmission medium, SlimRun can perfectly transmit 4K@60Hz HDR video to distances up to more than 328 feet (100 meters). Compared with traditional copper wire, SlimRun AV HDR is not only longer, softer, and slimmer, but also offers better signal quality without the use of external power. Compared with other HDMI® optical fiber transmission solutions, SlimRun AV is easy to use and has perfect compatibility, with no need for external boxes or converters.


Transmits up to 328ft
Supports HDR
Plug & Play
Thinner & Softer


Transmits up to 328ft
Supports HDR
Plug & Play
Thinner & Softer


Transmits up to 328ft: SlimRun™ AV HDR can perfectly transmit 4K@60Hz HDR video to distances up to 328 feet (100 meters) without extenders using optical fiber to replace copper wire as thehigh-speed signal transmission medium.

Supports HDR: High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging allows you to enjoy the beauty of a wider and richer range of colors, much brighter whites, and much deeper, darker blacks.

Plug & Play: Other HDMI® extender solutions require multiple sets of wires, cables, transmitters, receivers, and screws to mount boxes. SlimRun™ AV HDR combines the benefits of traditional extension solutions into a single optical cable.

Thinner & Softer: SlimRun™ AV HDR is thinner and softer than traditional glass fiber optic cables. Flexible polymer optical cable has a tighter bend radius and is much more resilient to damage and abuse than traditional fiber optic cables made of glass.


SlimRun AV HDR Cable


10, 20, 30, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, and 330 feet


No External Power Required

SlimRun™ AV HDR is ultra efficient and requires less than 50mA of power. No external power adapters or external USB power is needed.



  • High Speed signal transmission to distances up to 328 feet
  • Reliable data transfer without electromagnetic or RF interference with 0% signal loss
  • Delivers 18 Gbps bandwidth
  • HDR Complaint
  • Supports HDMI® resolutions up to 4K@60Hz YCbCr 4:4:4
  • Supports all the features contained in the latest HDMI specification
  • No external power required
  • Immune to electromagnetic and RF interference
  • Flexible polymer optical cable
  • Ultra lightweight construction
  • VW-1 rated - flame tested for safety


  • Home Theaters
  • High Definition Video Conference Systems
  • High Definition Video Surveillance System
  • Digital Signage and TV Walls
  • Churches and Schools
  • Special Events

SlimRun AV HDR Cable


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