12AWG 2Conductor C-Rated Speaker Wire/Cable | UL Plenum Rated

Nimbus Series 12 Gauge AWG 2 Conductor CMP-Rated Speaker Wire / Cable - UL Plenum Rated, 100% Pure Bare Copper With Color Coded Conductors by Monoprice

12AWG 2Conductor C-Rated Speaker Wire/Cable | UL Plenum Rated

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  • 2 or 4 Color-Coded Conductors
  • Plenum (CMP) Rated
  • high purity oxygen-free bare copper.
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Nimbus Plenum Speaker Wire


Monoprice Plenum Speaker Wire is designed to meet the most stringent standards of safety for both residential and commercial applications. The fire-retardant cable jacket bears the CMP plenum air space safety rating, making it ideal for use in any situation. Available in a variety of lengths and gauges, you can choose two-conductor versions, for connecting a single speaker, or four-conductor versions for connecting speaker pairs. The 100% pure oxygen-free copper conductors are sheathed in color-coded jackets contained with the main CMP-rated jacket. Monoprice Plenum Speaker Wire series is the ultimate speaker wire for commercial and residential installations.



  • Monoprice plenum speaker wire
  • Conductors are made of high purity oxygen-free bare copper
  • Uses a high quality material that is soft-er and more flexible than on traditional plenum rated jackets
  • Easily identifiable red and black conductors


Plenum Rated
100% Pure Bare Copper
Various Lengths and Gauges


Plenum Rated
100% Pure Bare Copper
Various Lengths and Gauges


2 or 4 Color-Coded Conductors
Soft and Flexible Cable Jacket


2 or 4 Color-Coded Conductors
Soft and Flexible Cable Jacket


Plenum Rated: Monoprice Plenum Speaker Wire uses an external cable jacket, which has been specially treated to resist the spread of fire. It has been CMP rated as safe for use in the plenum ducts and airspaces of commercial class buildings, making it the ideal speaker wire choice for any situation.

100% Pure Bare Copper: Featuring 100% pure, bare, oxygen-free copper conductors, these speaker wires faithfully and accurately reproduce music with total sonic clarity.

Various Lengths and Gauges: Available in 12, 14, 16, and 18 AWG sizes, and in 50, 100, 250, and 500 foot lengths, Monoprice has the speaker wire that is perfect for your needs.

2 or 4 Color-Coded Conductors: Connect a single speaker using the 2-conductor wire or connect a stereo pair using the 4-conductor variant. Each version has uniquely colored inner jackets so you can easily match polarity at each end.

Soft and Flexible Cable Jacket: While most plenum rated cables are stiff, Monoprice Plenum Speaker Wire uses a specially treated jacket, which keeps it as soft and flexible as ordinary speaker cable.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Karl S.
Good product at a decent price.

This speaker wire works well for me. Seems to be of excellent quality.I am satisfied with the product and believe this wire to be a great value.

David G.
Too Stiff

I purchased the wire with the white jacket back in 2011 and it was perfect. The wall has since been repainted so I decided to purchase the black but it's too stiff and I hate it. I put a length of each color side by side thinking it was the wire, but the white jacket is round and loose, while the black jacket is a smaller diameter and causing it to feel stiff. This was a letdown and may just paint the wall another color and go back tot the white.

Joseph R.
Low electrical resistance, High bending resistance.

The wire is as advertised but really difficult to to work with because of the vert stiff outer jacket. I ran it for the rear and surround speakers but it doesn?t want to lay flat.

Jerry L.
Speaker wire for outside deck

Easy to work with. Ideal for my deck speakers.

Jeff S.
Great price good

Great price good product

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