Monolith THX-365C THX Certified Ultra Center Channel Speaker

Monolith THX-365C THX Certified Ultra Center Channel Speaker (Each)  by Monoprice
Monolith THX-365C THX Certified Ultra Center Channel Speaker (Each)  by Monoprice
Monolith THX-365C THX Certified Ultra Center Channel Speaker (Each)  by Monoprice
Monolith THX-365C THX Certified Ultra Center Channel Speaker (Each)  by Monoprice
Monolith THX-365C THX Certified Ultra Center Channel Speaker (Each)  by Monoprice
Monolith THX-365C THX Certified Ultra Center Channel Speaker (Each)  by Monoprice

Monolith THX-365C THX Certified Ultra Center Channel Speaker

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  • Precision Crossover Network
  • Premium built cabinet
  • Woofer Drivers: 2x 6.5" long fiber pulp cones
  • Midrange Driver : 2" (5 cm) silk dome
  • Tweeter Driver: 1" silk dome tweeter
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The THX® Speaker Series has been engineered to deliver the highest level of accuracy and reproduce all the dynamics and detail of the best home theater soundtracks and music. Each speaker has been THX certified, ensuring optimal frequency response, dispersion, and low distortion. THX certification ensures that the sound from the speaker is as the audio engineer intended. The THX-365C features a three way design, so dialog sounds crystal clear whether you are on axis or off. Premium drivers, THX certification, a sophisticated crossover network, and an HDF cabinet ensure that you’ve never experienced home theater sound this dynamic, detailed, or immersive.






Crystal Clear Dialog. Silk Dome Midrange. Silk Dome Tweeter.

Featuring carefully selected drivers that deliver a flat frequency response in the listening window, the THX-365C features two 6.5" (16.5 cm) woofers, a 2" (5 cm) silk dome midrange, and a 1" (2.5 cm) silk dome tweeter. The 6.5" high excursion woofers utilize long pulp paper cone, NBR surrounds, and feature shorting rings to keep distortion at a minimum, so dialog can come through accurately and cleanly.






The THX® speaker series feature carefully selected fourth order Linkwitz-Riley crossover network acoustic filters. This sophisticated crossover minimizes sonic frequency overlap, reduces distortion, and is an excellent choice to minimize off axis response errors near the crossover frequency.


High Density Fiberboard. High Quality Binding Posts. Magnetic grille.

Each speaker cabinet is built with HDF, not MDF material. HDF isbetter damped than MDF, resulting in a sonically inert cabinet. Internal bracing has been strategically placed inside to limit unwanted cabinet resonance that could color the sound. The center channel speaker is outfitted with high quality binding posts, and the bottom has a built-in pad to help isolate it from the surface it is placed on.




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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Puneet Juneja
Great speaker and customer service.

I can't say anything about the sound quality as my wife only let me have it as an early Xmas present so I'm barred from using it until then!
However, I had a sneaky little peek and I'm very impressed with the build quality and the way it was all packed for safe transit.
There was a minor issue with the cost as the speaker was on sale and Karoline was very prompt at arranging the price difference.
Now I just wish the missus had approved purchasing a pair of 15" subwoofers at the same time. They were incredible value for money when on sale!

Cristi Toader
Monolith THX-365C THX

I had this center speaker for a test against a SVS ultra center, I must say that the quality of materials and the sound is very very good. I measured it with REW and got a very flat response across, almost no need for room correction. I choose SVS (double the price) purely for outlook reason, as it had same finishing as my SVS Prime Pinnacles fronts. Sound wise, I could not tell the difference, Monolith blended very well with the fronts. If I would have to redo now my HT setup, Mono would be one my first choice, very good value for money. Support was great, thanks to Amir

Faisal Ahmad Khan
Excellent Center Channel

I tried several two way and three way center channel speakers before settling for this one. The dialogues are clear and full. I can now hear all the details without any fatigue. I tried C1+ as well which wasn't bad but this one is better.
I am using it together with THX 265Bs as LR at the moment. I'm just waiting for the THX 365Ts to go on sale :)

Ayon S.
Looks and sounds good. Replaced 15 yr old B&W CDM-CNT

Its a great looking and great sounding center channel. I can't say anything about its musical capabilities as center channel is mainly for dialogs. Good enough for the price. I replaced a B&W CDM-CNT with this, due to size and looks. Can't tell the difference.

Scott E.
Everything is was

Everything is was looking for at a great price. Delivery was swift

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