Term of Use Gift Card Service of Monoprice

 Use of the Monoprice Gift Card

The Monoprice Gift Card can be purchased online and redeemed within the scope of online use in the Monoprice Online Shop at https://www.monoprice.uk for the goods and services offered there. Its use is limited to the Monoprice Online Shop where the Monoprice Gift Card was purchased.


The Monoprice gift card

  • is anonymous and transferable
  • can be used more than once as long as there is remaining credit on the card,
  • can be combined with another gift card during the payment process,
  • cannot be used to purchase a gift card,
  • contains a credit that is applied to the final order value, which includes shipping and taxes,
  • can be used in conjunction with a discount code,
  • allows a refund to the same gift card that was used to pay.


Online Use

The Monoprice gift card has a PIN code that must be provided when redeeming the gift. No liability will be accepted for damages resulting from transactions carried out by unauthorized persons using the the correct PIN code. The PIN code cannot be changed.



The Monoprice gift card does not need to be activated separately. After purchasing the Monoprice gift card, an email with the PIN code will be sent to the email address provided during the order process. This PIN code can then be used at the checkout after the order process to redeem the value. No responsibility is assumed for the transmission of an incorrect e-mail address.



The Monoprice gift card can be purchased with the credit offered by Monoprice. A payout of the credit is excluded. No interest is paid on the credit balance. It is not possible to top up the Monoprice gift card.


Validity period

The specified validity period applies. The validity period can be found in the e-mail sent after the purchase of the Monoprice gift card. If no validity period is specified for the Monoprice gift card on the e-mail sent after purchase, the statutory limitation period shall apply.



In the event of loss, theft or damage, the Monoprice gift card can be accessed by clicking Resend Gift Card via the order confirmation email. This link will only work if the order has been fulfilled. Claims can only be made upon presentation of the card. It is not possible to block the card.



Publisher of your Monoprice gift card is Monoprice GmbH, Stresemannstraße 123, 10963 Berlin, Germany



In addition to these usage instructions for the Monoprice Gift Card, our General Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy apply accordingly.


Our General Terms and Conditions are available at the link:


Our data protection declaration is available at the link:



Status: January 2022